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  • What is AACS's All About?
    AACS is an One-Stop Finance Learning Center. We only provide teaching services because we hope to helps our clients to archieve a long-term side income and financial freedom without the needs our third party and this can effectivey prevent from scam and money game.
  • Is The Courses Free Of Charge?
    There ain't no such thing as a free lunch. We insist on One-on-One learning services and consultation so we do have charges some fees for services. This will gaurantee our clients can always 24/7 enjoys our services and facilities without worries.
  • How Much Is A Course Cost?
    Our course is a fully customization courses. We will come out the best course that suits the best for our client's according to their finance and investment knowledge understanding, needs and characteristics. That's the reason why we don't have a fixed price for every of our course. If you wish to know more about our course, feel free to fill up the form below for ONE FREE CONSULTATION so you will get to know more about the details and understanding on what you need by the help of our coacher.
  • What Is The Teaching Method?
    Our classes are basically one-on-one and online teaching method. We do not provide class teaching because we want our clients has the most private and personal moment during their learning so they could easily focus and understand. We want our clients faster to achive what they want so we are taking serious on client's experiences.
  • What If I Don't Have Time For Class?
    No worry, we got your back! We let you decide your time yourself so you can freely arrange your desire time and date with us. Even if you're at outstation, you can even arrange an online class to keep in touch with us.
  • What Are The Courses About?
    We have teach Futures, Currencies, Stocks, Bonds and more.... We are focus on financial and economies studies so as long as you can fully understand, control and analysis the market, it doesn't matter if you wish to trade in any trading platfrom.
  • How Long Does It Takes To Complete A Course?
    Our mission, "We will teach you until you've fully understand it!" We have 4 courses and 1 extra course to mix and match. We don't have a fixed time for our clients to complete a course. Our clients are freely to arrange the class by appointment according to their schedule until our clients has completely finish the course.
  • Where Is AACS Located?
    Our company is currently located at Petaling Jaya, Selangor and coming soon Penang.
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